Penny Candy in Rockaway

Penny Candy and Wonder Bread When I was eight, life was never so sweet…especially at lunchtime on Saturdays.  A loaf of Wonder Bread was 30 cents back then.  The white-spongy slices made tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. My favorite sandwich, though, consisted of Wonder Bread, Karo syrup, and cheddar cheese. The sweet stickiness paired …

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White Gloves and the Beatles

by  G. Meredith Betz  One of life’s biggest gifts to one another is empathy.  That is, to really understand the pain or joy or sorrow or elation of someone else.  It’s not a natural inclination.  Especially if you are an adolescent trying to keep your head above the waves of peer pressure. I got a taste …

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Think You’re First? Think Again

by G. Meredith Betz Through my life being “first” has born many nuances. My dad was a first generation American born of Irish immigrants. He was the first child of the McElwees. Our modest family lived in Southwest Philadelphia, not too far from the Main Line. My newly immigrated teen-age grandmother was a servant for …

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